Trinity 10

Sermon preached by the Reverend Anna Matthews One of the most moving parts of priestly ministry is administering the last rites. Offered near the time of death, the last rites combine the sacraments of confession, anointing, and holy communion, and give strength, grace and nourishment as the dying person prepares for death, and for their […]

St Benedict

Sermon preached by the Reverend Anna Matthews What must I do to inherit eternal life? asks the rich young ruler. And Jesus responds by quoting some of the 10 Commandments as the ethical framework by which to live. And then comes the really hard bit: ‘Sell all that you own and distribute the money to the […]

Trinity 6

Sermon preached by the Reverend Anna Matthews As someone who spends half her time working with those discerning a call to ordination in the Church of England, I find today’s gospel passage a bit disconcerting. Jesus sends out the Twelve, entrusting to them the mission and ministry he himself has begun. And I find myself […]

Trinity 4

Sermon preached by Sam Lochead, ordinand at Westcott House At first Mark’s version of the ‘stilling of the storm’ seems quite straightforward.The disciples find themselves in a perilous situation, and so they cry out to Jesus to rescue them. Jesus answers their cries, as unflappable as one might expect the Son of God to be, […]

Trinity 2

Sermon preached by Dr Philip Murray, ordinand In the Book of Common Prayer’s Order for the Visitation of the Sick we find these words:   ‘Here shall the sick person be moved to make a special confession of his sins, if he feel his conscience troubled with any weighty matter. After which confession, the Priest […]

Trinity 1

Sermon preached by the Reverend Anna Matthews In January of this year, for the first time since the invention of film, the cinema in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis opened on a Sunday. Star Wars: the Last Jedi brought to an end the strict sabbath observance characteristic of this island, where not so long […]

Trinity 11

Sermon preached by the Reverend Anna Matthews Who do people say that the Son of Man is? asks Jesus. For once it’s a question the disciples can answer: other times when Jesus asks them things they’re shown up to be obtuse, or slow to understand or seemingly incapable of seeing what’s before their eyes. Here, […]

Trinity 7

Sermon preached by the Reverend Anna Matthews ‘Your kingdom come, on earth as in heaven’, we pray day by day, week by week. ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near’, proclaimed Jesus at the start of his ministry (Matt. 4.17). ‘You will eat and drink at my table in my kingdom’ (Luke 22.30), […]

Easter 3

Sermon preached by the Reverend Anna Matthews No one knows exactly where Emmaus is. There are a limited number of places it could be: draw a circle with Jerusalem at its centre and a 7 mile radius, and those are your options. It was, possibly, a village where a garrison was stationed. But its exact […]

Lent 5

Sermon preached by Emily Kempson In the Eastern Himalayas, the nard-plant grows. If you crush its roots and distil the sap, it creates a thick amber oil, called nard. It has a strong, raw, earthy smell. And like perfume, a little goes a long way; a few drops release a cloud of woody, smoky, sweet […]