Ascension Day

Sermon preached by the Reverend Anna Matthews Saint Luke is the author of both of our readings today. The Gospel account gives us the story of Jesus, ‘all that Jesus did and taught from the beginning until the day when he was taken up into heaven’. The Acts of the Apostles is what follows next: […]

Easter 6

Sermon preached by Emily Kempson A little boy sat on his bed, and he was scared. It was past his bedtime, the lights were out, and he was supposed to be asleep – but he couldn’t shake the idea that something sinister lurked in the bedroom shadows. Remembering his father’s assurances that nothing was there […]

Easter 3

Sermon preached by the Reverend Anna Matthews No one knows exactly where Emmaus is. There are a limited number of places it could be: draw a circle with Jerusalem at its centre and a 7 mile radius, and those are your options. It was, possibly, a village where a garrison was stationed. But its exact […]

Lent 5

Sermon preached by Emily Kempson In the Eastern Himalayas, the nard-plant grows. If you crush its roots and distil the sap, it creates a thick amber oil, called nard. It has a strong, raw, earthy smell. And like perfume, a little goes a long way; a few drops release a cloud of woody, smoky, sweet […]