Cambridge Churches Homeless Project (CCHP)

The Cambridge Churches Homeless Project (CCHP) is a relatively new ecumenical venture. It seeks to provide overnight hospitality for those who sleep rough on the streets of Cambridge, especially from December to March. Each night of the week a church or synagogue hosts the project, and it relies on a considerable number of volunteers in order to coordinate the project day to day. Volunteers are needed for a range of roles:

  • Cooking
  • Evening volunteers: setting up bedding etc., chatting to guests and eating with them
  • Overnight volunteers: each night requires a small team of volunteers to stay awake while guests sleep, in order to provide a safe space, and to deal with any issues that may arise
  • Early morning clear up: packing away bedding etc., delivering it to the next host church

If you are interested in volunteering, please email the church office (

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